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Brain Spa Service Stacks

Not sure where to start?  Here are some suggested Brain Spa Service Stacks for specific goals.

Don’t see yourself here? We also are always happy to schedule a consultation and make custom recommendations for you.

Recommendations provided on this website are for informational purposes and do not take the place of medical advice. Our suggested recipes are not intended to treat or to be a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult your doctor about any contraindications with existing treatments. 

What is your goal?

  1. Neurofeedback - improved sleep is a top reported benefit
  2. Avacen - we see improved deep sleep.  Best with daily use, rent or buy a unit.
  3. Lymphatic Massage - flushing the toxins improves sleep quality
  4. Red Light Therapy - you can reset your circadian rhythm with daily red light use! We have light you can take home.

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#1. Neurofeedback - helps calm the nervous system and build resilience to stress #2. Lymphatic Drainage Massage #3. Migun Acupressure Massage View Recipe

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
NanoVi Cellular Repair


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  1. Lymphatic Drainage - speed the detox
  2. NanoVi - cellular repair
  3. Avacen - speeds metabolism, aids detox
  4. Neurofeedback - get the head back straight
  1. Compression Massage!  Flush and squeeze the legs to recover faster
  2. NanoVi - speeds recovery
  3. Red Light and Vibe Plate - increases circulation and feels amazing after a hard workout

View Athletic Performance and Recovery Recipe

  1. Lymphatic drainage massage- assist your body in flushing all of the toxins from implants. 
  2. Neurofeedback- helps with sleep, anxiety, and calming the nervous system 
  3. Red Light Therapy combined with whole-body vibration- Red light helps with incision healing and detox 
  4. NanoVi- helps the body repair oxidative damage at a cellular level
  1. Neurofeedback - 
  2. Lymphatic Drainage Massage - your brain is floating in lymphatic fluid and if it’s dirty you can’t feel clear-headed.  Get your lymph flushed and optimized to have a clear head.  Lymphatic Drainage full flush suggestion is 10 to 12 appointments in 3 or 4 weeks.
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