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Brain Spa Recipes

We are not medical professionals and can not diagnose or treat any specific conditions.  Here we are simply sharing what we have found works well for us and our clients who report back how they feel after using our technology. 

Use these lists as suggestions of technologies to try for whatever your specific goals are.  We also are always happy to schedule a consultation and make custom recommendations for you.

  1. Compression Massage!  Flush and squeeze the legs to recover faster
  2. NanoVi - speeds recovery
  3. Vibe Plate - increases circulation and feels amazing after a hard workout
  1. Lymphatic Drainage - speed the detox
  2. NanoVi - cellular repair
  3. Avacen - speeds metabolism, aids detox
  4. Neurofeedback - get the head back straight
  1. Neurofeedback - improved sleep is a top reported benefit
  2. Avacen - we see improved deep sleep.  Best with daily use, rent or buy a unit.
  3. Red Light Therapy - you can reset your circadian rhythm with daily red light use! We have light you can take home.
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