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Testimonials and Praise


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I have been going to Bay Area Brain Spa once a week for over six weeks. The Neurofeedback system that I use calms my nerves a lot. I feel more in touch with my thoughts. Since going I have loss over 10 pounds. With Neurofeedback, you can discover how changing your brain can change your life. This place is friendly, pleasantly comfortable and cozy. I have made this my regular weekly routine.


Hi! The brain spa experience was wonderful! I definitely feel a shift in my energy and mental sharpness and anxiety level reduced just after the 2 sessions. Still addicted to the Joey bars and I introduced a friend to them and he really liked them.

Brain Spa Client, Joey Bar fan 🙂

I saw you yesterday for Brain Training and there are no words for how much better I felt when I got home. For the couple weeks previously, I had been crying daily and feeling incredibly fatigued after radiation and a hospital stay. I feel great!! Thank you so much for this amazing treatment. I don't totally understand how it works, but it does, so that's good enough for me. Thank you thank you!

Outdoor Neurofeedback Client

NeurOptimal saved me!  I can’t thank Angela enough for bringing NeurOptimal to the Bay Area. 6 years ago I was very ill and my condition caused severe Encephalopathy. That switched my days and nights.  I had only averaged 2 hours of sleep per day for the past 3 months. I was out of my mind, exhausted and desperate.  I knew Angela then and she said let’s try NeurOptimal. I slept 6 hours that evening. It was a miracle. I continued with NeurOptimal and Angela was so kind and supportive. She even gave me a session in the hospital post my liver transplant. I know NeurOptimal helped in my recovery. I still do NeurOptimal and it has deepened my meditation and even lowered my blood pressure. I have referred many people to Angela/Neuroptimal and with utmost confidence. I recently visited her new Bay Area Brain Spa center on Solano Ave in Albany and got to meet Carleigh, co-founder of the new center. This is a wonderful location and such a relaxing environment. Angela, Carleigh and NeurOptimal are a tremendous asset to our community.  Thank You

Dr Joe.  Mind Balance and Brain Spa Client

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