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Neurofeedback at Home

Enjoy Neurofeedback At Home with a NeurOptimal Rental Kit!

A NeurOptimal Neurofeedback rental is a great way to train your brain from the comfort of your home.

Because neurofeedback is a training or a learning, you gain the most benefits by accumulating sessions.  Think of it much like if you were looking to get fit; going to the gym once a week is one way to make slow progress, but if you join a Bootcamp style training and go three days a week for a month, you will see much faster results.

The easiest and most affordable way to accumulate neurofeedback sessions is with a home NeurOptimal Neurofeedback rental kit.  When you have the system at home, you can plan your training sessions easily around your daily schedule without having to juggle in-person appointments.  You can train as often as you like and at your convenience. Because the neurofeedback is not targeted or needs any adjustments, it is very simple to hook yourself (or your family) up and simply start the 33-minute session.  The intelligence is in the system leaving you to simply enjoy!

Each Monthly Rental Includes:

  • local delivery or pickup in Albany, Ca
  • In-person or virtual (online or by phone) training and support
  • full neurofeedback rental kit with everything you need to do your neurofeedback training from home
  • unlimited sessions (some personal systems available)
  • progress tracking tools

Train your brain from the comfort of your own home!

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is very simple to use. When you rent NeurOptimal, you can train at your own convenience. Home rentals are the same training as if you came into the Brain Spa. The beauty of NeurOptimal® is that it is completely passive for the participant. You can relax and read a book, work on your computer, do homework, etc while optimizing your brain at the same time. Home rentals are an ideal option to integrate brain training into a busy schedule!

We will teach you how to set up and operate the NeurOptimal rental either when you pick it up or via phone/Zoom consult.

Shipping is available within the US for an extra fee.

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