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Current Specials


10 Pack Halotherapy

Clean Your Lungs!

$200 $ 150
  • 10 sessions in the salt booth to really get your lungs, sinuses, and skin cleared!

New Client Special

Massage Pants and Neurofeedback

$150 $ $90
  • New Clients!  Come and see our 2 most popular services for a great price: 40 minutes in the lymphatic massage pants with a neurofeedback session.  Out in under an hour.

Brain and Body Reset

Train your brain and drain your lymph!

$2370 $ 1500
  • 10 full body lymphatic massages with neurofeedback.
  • Get a free credit to try: PEMF, NanoVi, Migun, Red Light, BioCharger, and Salt Booth.
  • $2370 Value! | 10 weeks to use the credits
Best Deal

BABS Monthly Treat

Monthly Mini-Boost Special

$150 $ 90
per month
  • Once a month, get a Mini-Boost for only $90!  
  • The Mini Boost is 40 minutes in the lymphatic massage pants with neurofeedback.  It's so relaxing and restoring.
  • When you buy, you will get a new mini-boost credit for $90 per month.  You can stop or pause if needed.
One special-priced Mini-Boost per person per month. Existing members, you can join this subscription also, but you won't get the additional 20% off since it's already discounted.
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