Current Specials - Bay Area Brain Spa

Current Specials

Brain Spa Favorite for 2

Save when you book together!

$440 $ 300
  • You will both enjoy a full-body lymphatic drainage massage with neurofeedback and a red light facial. 75-minute appointment.

Mini-Boost for 2

Try our squeeze for 2 station!

$300 $ 200
  • You will both enjoy a lower-body lymphatic drainage massage with neurofeedback.  40-minute appointment. Book in the Boa Max 2 room.

4 Week Lymphatic Reset

Full Lymphatic Flush

$1500 $ 1200
  • 10 Full-Body Lymphatic Massages to be used in 1 month at 20% off. Get 20% off all other services and add-ons during the month.
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