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Couples Massage Brain Spa Style

Looking for a fun thing to do with your special person, like a couples massage, but even cooler?  Check out our Brain Spa two-person offerings!

While we think all self-care is mandatory, we know that doing things with your BFF is way fun.  Our two-person packages are perfect for:

  • couples, dates
  • BFFS
  • siblings
  • parent/child
  • Co-workers
  • anyone wanting to spend some very relaxing, self-care time together!
lymphatic drainage massage

**A note about traditional couples massage vs Brain Spa couples massage …  while it’s super sexy to take your clothes off together and be rubbed down by someone in the same room… it can also be super AWKWARD, and not always appropriate for the person you want to spend time with.  At the Brain Spa you will stay fully clothed.

Brain Spa Favorite for 2

Our favorite stack is even better when shared!  You and a friend can enjoy just over an hour of relaxation and optimization together.

Each of you will enjoy:

Lymphatic Massage– Full-body lymphatic drainage massage. This incredible technology is relaxing and helps to flush toxins out of your lymphatic system, get rid of excess fluids, support immune health, detox and more!

NeurOptimal® Neurofeeback-
Enjoy your relaxing brain training session while you simultaneously receive the lymphatic massage. Better sleep, less stress, feeling more relaxed, calm and clear are just a few of the benefits that clients report. Who doesn’t need that after pandemic madness?!

LightStim Facial– while you are enjoying the compression massage jacket you bask under the red light panel which helps boost collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles! It feels like laying on the beach in Hawaii 🌴☀️

$150 each if you book together! $200 value each if booked separately.

75 minute appointment time.

2 Person Spa Sampler

Like with a typical couples massage you have an entire room to yourselves as you enjoy the totally relaxing treatments.

Each person will enjoy:

75 minutes of relaxation, rejuvenation, restoration!

This is by far one of our most popular packages and clients return regularly.  Friends, couples, and covid-pods love having this shared experience.

We have this package priced as a super steal at $200 per person for everything.  If you were to book the same treatments individually it would be over $350 per person!

$200 each, 75 minute appointment time.

2 Person Neurofeedback and Migun Acupressure Massage

Enjoy our beautiful living room in front of the cozy fireplace while you both enjoy a 33-minute effortless and relaxing neurofeedback session followed by a 30-minute acupressure massage. 

$80 each, 70-minute appointment time.

Each person will do a full treatment of:

Other 2 person options:

  • Full-body lymphatic massage, 1 hour – $150 each
  • Lower body lymphatic with neurofeedback, 40 minutes – $130 each
  • 33-minutes Neurofeedback for 2 – $50 each
  • 30-minutes Migun Acupressure Massage only for 2 – $40 each
Are you interested in something more custom? 
We are happy to design a special experience just for you!  Reach out and let us curate a package for you.
Just for a fun thing to do or for a special celebration like a birthday, anniversary, promotion, Valentine’s Day, or whatever you feel like celebrating, we promise to make it special for you!
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