Couples Massage Brain Spa Style

Looking for a fun thing to do with your special person, like a couples massage, but even cooler? 
Check out our Brain Spa two-person offerings!

Strengthen bonds & boost well-being together! Our Brain Spa For Two experiences are perfect for anyone who wants to relax, recharge, and create lasting memories.

Laugh, connect, and de-stress together.

Our Brain Spa For Two experiences feature relaxing stations to pamper your mind, body, and spirit like the Brain Spa Favorite or Mini-Boost for Two.

Embark on a wellness journey together!

Explore our variety of services designed to soothe your senses, calm your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit.

Ready to create unforgettable moments? Book your For Two Brain Spa experience today! 

spa couples

Brain Spa For Two Services and Prices

Want to enjoy the Brain Spa with more than 2?  Great!  We have group spa packages for 4 to 12 people!
Are you interested in something more custom? 
We are happy to design a special experience just for you!  Reach out and let us curate a package for you.
Just for a fun thing to do or for a special celebration like a birthday, anniversary, promotion, Valentine’s Day, or whatever you feel like celebrating, we promise to make it memorable for you!

Want to book for 2?  Just text us at 510-338-4645

(let us know which service and what date time you are looking for!)