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Bay Area Brain Spa:
Touchless Wellness Experiences

Bay Area Brain Spa on Solano Avenue offers cutting-edge biohacking technologies that help you:

Our Wellness Biohacking Relaxation Detoxification Brain Health Services

Reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and focus.  Effortless brain training to help regulate your central nervous system so you can function optimally.

Touchless compression massage flushes retained water and drains your lymphatic system to helps with detox, weight loss, body contouring, skin tightening, immune function, athletic recovery and more.

A WAVi Performance Brain Scan is an affordable brain scan that allows you to track your brain performance over time and to track changes through injuries, aging, lifestyle, and behavioral impacts.

Repair cell damage brought on by free radicals & oxidative stress, expediting the regeneration process. Reduces inflammation in the body, supports detoxification and the immune system.

Combines hot stone therapy, far infrared therapy, negative ion therapy, and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency.)

Clinically proven, powerful, immune boosting, healing and anti-aging tool.

Avacen infuses heat into the circulatory system through the hand which results in increased microvascular circulation and oxygenation of the cells. 

The Migun combines far-infrared heat, massage therapy, and acupressure.  This increases circulation, relaxes muscles, reduces pain, speeds healing, and enhances detoxification.

Dry Salt Therapy acts to cleanse the respiratory system and the skin, which helps to relieve congestion, inflammation, and skin conditions. Great benefits for those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

The BioCharger NG is designed to transmit energy that stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance.

We have many options for you and your partner to enjoy a lovely wellness outing together.

We can host your wellness event for 4 to 12 people.  Wonderful for friends, families, celebrations, corporate and team events.  Let us customize a package for you!

Bay Area Brain Spa is a Collaboration between

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