What if you could take your brain to the spa and change your life?

Bay Area Brain Spa is a community neurofeedback center dedicated to making brain training accessible to all. We are passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of brain training with our community.  The Brain Spa is a relaxing atmosphere where all are welcome to come for a relaxing 33 or 45 minute brain training session and go back to life feeling calm, clear and refreshed!

Now Open on Solano Ave!

Building Community and Cultivating Wellbeing

We are currently scheduling individuals and COVID Cohorts.  If you quarantine together you can brain train together! Groups of 1 to 5 can train at the same time.  Bring your whole “pod” and enjoy a relaxing outing with many benefits.


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We are booking individuals and covid cohorts!

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The Technology

We use NeurOptimal®—the most advanced, safe, powerful, non-invasive, and effective EEG-based technology on the market—that works directly with your central nervous system. The technology uses non-invasive sensors to monitor the electromagnetic activity of the brain and produces audio feedback in real-time—millisecond by millisecond. This gentle audio feedback signal helps the brain adapt to real-time information and makes decisions about how to improve itself—based on its own innate understanding of what it needs.