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Bay Area Brain Spa on Solano Avenue offers cutting-edge biohacking technologies that help you:

Our Wellness Biohacking Relaxation Detoxification Brain Health Services



BioCharger Charge your cells with subtle energies The BioCharger generates four beneficial types of energy; pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), electrodynamic

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neurofeedback and Avacen

Avacen Thermotherapy

AVACEN Thermo-Therapy ™ & Microcirculation Boost Whole-Body…Drug-Free, FDA-Cleared, Pain Relief! This non-invasive FDA-approved treatment delivers oxygen and nutrients and removes toxins at

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Red Light Therapy

Photobiomodulation or Red Light Therapy Full Body Red Light Station Red light therapy is helpful for boosting collagen production, reducing

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BallancerPro Lymphatic MAassage
Enjoying effortless neurofeedback and a lymphatic massage is a favorite service

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