Vitamin Injections

The next Injection Pop-Up is:  June 15th, 10am to 1pm

Reserve your spot here  – one spot per person.  No group appointments. Booking is available up to 14 days before the date.

We host Dr. Moses Goldberg for vitamin injections pop-up clinics with injectable vitamins, minerals and supplements to help support your health. The injectable nutrients help to provide energy, immune system strengthening, alleviate pain, and stimulate your metabolism.

Please Note:

  • We only host Dr Moses for this event, the vitamin injections are not part of the Bay Area Brain Spa, and we can not advise or answer questions about any injection.  The Doctor will consult with you before your injection and answer any questions you might have.
  • Click here to view the menu of vitamin shots options  Happy Hour Menu 2022
  • You will pay Dr. Goldberg directly so please cancel ahead if you can’t make it to release your time slot.
  • Reserve your time slot on our online booking