Restore Wellness After Cancer

What if you could Restore Wellness After Cancer effortlessly?

We have tools to address the symptoms you might be experiencing


Cancer treatments are aggressive and wreak havoc on physical and emotional health while killing cancer cells.

The western medical approach to cancer has not changed much over the years and the treatment protocol tends to be “cut, burn, poison”. Unfortunately, this approach just focuses on blasting cancer cells and typically hits other healthy cells as well. The impact of chemotherapy can wipe out a healthy microbiome, overwhelm the body with toxins and create a lot of collateral damage for the patient.

Many cancer survivors experience a post-treatment “crash”.  The weekly routine of doctors appointments and needles has come to an end and there is a sense of “now what?”.

Our Solutions

Western Medicine Solutions

Brain Spa co-owner Angela is a young breast cancer survivor (only 33 years old at stage 3 diagnosis). She understands firsthand how difficult the time after cancer treatment can be. She was suffering from chemo brain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and uncertainty about how to move forward with life. She was introduced to an incredible technology that is at the core of what the Brain Spa offers: NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, a brain training system that trains the brain for greater strength, resilience and flexibility. The result is a reduction in a wide variety of symptoms. Angela experienced relief in all areas, including personal growth, and ended up changing careers to dedicate her life to sharing neurofeedback with others.

After working with breast cancer survivors for almost a decade, we are passionate and dedicated to helping survivors/thrivers to restore wellness after cancer.

cancer recovery
Brain Spa Co-Owner is a Breast Cancer Survivor

We have tools to specifically address chemo brain, anxiety, emotional wellbeing, sleep, focus and detox.

We support our clients by helping the body heal from a cellular level and restoring balance in the central nervous system. Often after cancer treatment patients are stuck in sympathetic dominance, their nervous system still thinks it’s being “chased by a tiger” and stuck in a traumatic state. The body can only heal when it is in parasympathetic mode. We help to calm the central nervous system and allow the body to tap into its own intrinsic wisdom to heal itself.

Our curated approach to cancer recovery and restoring wellness for the cancer community includes neurofeedback, cellular repair, and lymphatic massage. Neurofeedback is our core offering and we believe that everyone should train their brain. Neurofeedback during or after cancer treatments is supportive for emotional wellbeing and keeping the nervous system calm and regulated which allows for better healing.

Our Biohacking Technologies
help restore wellness post-cancer treatment:

"I saw you yesterday for Brain Training and there are no words for how much better I felt when I got home. For the couple weeks previously, I had been crying daily and feeling incredibly fatigued after radiation and a hospital stay. I feel great!! Thank you so much for this amazing treatment. I don't totally understand how it works, but it does, so that's good enough for me. Thank you thank you!"

"After cancer treatment, I suffered from severe chemo-brain -- I couldn't find words, blanked out on names, couldn't multi-task, and forgot simple things. After neurofeedback, the fog cleared and I felt like I had returned to my pre-chemo mental state. It was amazing!"


Dress comfortably and ready to relax. Our services are very relaxing. We recommend soft long pants like yoga pants and long sleeve shirts for the lymphatic massage appointments.

You might feel a little sleepy and relaxed, like after a massage. Many people feel relaxed, refreshed and more clear.

If you are actively going through chemo, we recommend waiting on the lymphatic massage sessions. We can remove that from the program and you can do everything else safely and beneficially during active treatment.

We have home neurofeedback rentals that we can ship to you. Neurofeedback sessions alone are supportive for chemo brain, anxiety, feeling down, sleep and more. We can work with you remotely to support you through the program.

It is recommended to keep taking existing medications. Clients sometimes reduce their need for medications overtime which should be evaluated with your physician.

Yes. The shifts that people experience with neurofeedback training last. The brain can wobble back to its old patterns due to stress and other factors but often our clients come for a “tune-up” and feel reset. The lymphatic massage and cellular repair are supporting your body in the detox process and cellular repair. Full recovery from the impact of cancer treatments takes time. Our program is designed to help your body with a jump start in the healing process and boost brain performance and emotional wellbeing.