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Get to know your Brain Trainers

Why the Brain Spa? 

We decided to use the word “spa” in our name because you will leave our space relaxed and rejuvenated. Neurofeedback and all of the other biohacking tools that we have available are quite relaxing! Most people would agree that it takes a lot of WORK to create change, whether it is working out to lose weight or starting a meditation practice, it takes effort, dedication and a lot of work! 

All of our services are totally effortless! You will leave feeling like you spent the day at the spa but with even more life changing benefits.

We are passionate about sharing our combined knowledge and access to neurofeedback and other life changing biohacking technologies. At the Bay Area Brain Spa we are committed to helping serve the community.

Angela Martinucci, Co-Owner

Angela Martinucci is a young breast cancer survivor who found NeurOptimal® neurofeedback when she was greatly suffering from collateral damage from cancer treatments and struggling to get her life back. Training with NeurOptimal® and optimizing her brain allowed her to find relief from the chemo brain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia that had been so debilitating. Angela was serving on the board of directors for a young survivors group in San Francisco, Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS) when she discovered the benefits of neurofeedback. She found that other young women in her cancer community were also struggling with the same issues. She decided to pursue a new career in offering neurofeedback to others to help women in her community. Angela worked in an integrative oncology office in San Francisco for a few years and eventually opened her own storefront space for neurofeedback. For the past 6 years she has been working in the peak performance and biohacking space. Her focus has been working with executives, professional athletes as well as individuals with rental equipment and onsite programs. She is a peak performance coach who blends neurofeedback with different coaching modalities to help her clients break through mental blocks and achieve their goals. She has always remained passionate about bringing neurofeedback to the cancer community.  After seeing the immense impact that neurofeedback had on clients and that cost was sometimes a limiting factor, Angela had the vision to make neurofeedback accessible to all and to reduce suffering on a grand scale. She is beyond thrilled to see the vision come to life with the help of Carleigh and the new Bay Area Brain Spa. 

Carleigh Rochon, Co-Owner

Carleigh fell in love with neurofeedback while studying biofeedback and neurofeedback while obtaining her Psychology and Holistic Health degree. She became passionate about the success of neurofeedback as an intervention for children with ADHD.  Years later, Carleigh discovered Dynamical Neurofeedback  (NeurOptimal) while looking for neurofeedback to support her own child with attention issues.  After the great success her family saw with a NeurOptimal rental she was re-impassioned about this amazing tool and again felt the call to promote it to other families struggling with stress, attention and anxiety issues.  Carleigh launched SuperBrain Neurofeedback as a family centered, child friendly, neurofeedback offering.

When Carleigh isn’t training brains, she is building websites and enjoys spending time with her 2 children and husband. 

Emily Butts

Emily is a licensed/registered occupational therapist (OT) who has spent years working with older adults to improve their quality of life while engaging in their daily occupations. Emily values “hands-on” learning and has received several certifications in kinesiology taping (KT), stroke rehab, and neurodevelopmental therapy (NDT) to name a few.  She has a passion for alternative health modalities and has invested time and training in pilates, Ashtanga yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, float deprivation, and is a certified GYROTONIC trainer.  Her desire for whole-body wellness lead her to biohacking, inspired by a podcast about a biohacking brain gym in Detroit, she did a local search and found The Bay Area Brain Spa and has been a regular client since.

Neurofeedback has helped her become less agitated when mommyhood challenges arise, improved her son’s challenging behavior as he deals with an Absence seizure disorder, and her husband demonstrates improved sleep and displays decreased irritability.  Needless to say, Emily is a believer and is passionate about all things biohacking.

Emily is a wife and mother of two inquisitive and very rambunctious boys, ages 7 and 4. She is a Bay Area native and after graduating from Oakland Technical high school, she pursued her passion for contemporary dance by training with Reginald Ray Savage of Savage Jazz Dance Company.

She is extremely honored to be a part of the BABS team and looks forward to supporting the Brain Spa community on their journey to wellness.

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