Biohacking Services

What is biohacking?

Coined by the godfather of biohacking, Dave Asprey {aka. The Bulletproof Executive}:

Biohacking: (verb, noun)

(v): To use science, biology and self experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, mind and your life. 

(n) The art and science of becoming superhuman.

Maybe you have heard of butter coffee or bulletproof coffee? Adding butter and MCT oil to coffee is a biohack to turn the brain on in a way that provides more sustained clarity and energy without the caffeine crash. Do you head to nature and put your feet on the earth when you need to slow down and center?  This practice known as grounding is a form of biohacking. Chances are if you are reading our website, you are already a biohacker and maybe didn’t even realize it!

Angela enjoying Cryo at Bulletproof Labs

Biohacking can be as simple as minimizing toxic foods, utilizing morning and evening sunshine to help regulate hormones, exercise or taking supplements to optimize health. At the Bay Area Brain Spa, we focus on cutting edge technology to help the mind and body perform better. Our amazing technologies help to optimize our brain, lymphatic system, immune system, central nervous system, and more. All of our biohacking technologies are relaxing! That is where the name “spa” comes from. Our biohacks not only help reduce suffering but also help top professional athletes and executives to perform at their peak. 

Biohacking has played a very important role in our lives for our families and ourselves. Being a biohacker can sometimes mean investigating alternative options for solutions to challenging medical problems. Carleigh’s children have greatly benefited from neurofeedback to help with ADHD and anxiety. Angela discovered neurofeedback after going through cancer treatments. Western medicine failed to offer effective treatments for anxiety, insomnia, depression, and chemo brain that resulted from cancer treatments. Neurofeedback was able to resolve all of the post-cancer treatments issues. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is our favorite biohack because of its life-changing impact. 

We love biohacking and sharing our biohacking knowledge! Angela helped implement neurofeedback at the iconic Upgrade Labs in Santa Monica, exhibited at the Bulletproof conference as well as trained in the Bulletproof human potential coaching program. Carleigh studied neurofeedback in school as well as holistic health which covers countless biohacking methods. We have taken everything that we have learned over the years and curated our top biohacking technologies under one roof at the Brain Spa.