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Lymphatic Drainage Massage


The Ballancer® Pro compression system gives the body a gentle lymphatic drainage massage which helps with detox, weight loss, body contouring, skin tightening, lymph drainage, immune function, athletic recovery, and more. The massage suit has 24 chambers which rhythmically fill with air to provide your body with a relaxing and restorative massage.

The Ballancer® Pro system produces immediate results and there is no downtime or side effects. It can easily be added to one of our other offers such as neurofeedback and NanoVi technology for the ultimate mind and body rejuvenation. 


  • Increase detoxification
  • Weight loss
  • Improves circulation
  • Relaxation
  • Boost Immunity
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clearer skin
  • Athletic/Muscle Recovery
  • Reduction in swelling and inflammation
  • Enhance recovery from illness, surgery, and injury
  • Jet lag recovery
  • Smooth cellulite
  • Alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Treats cancer-related lymphedema 
  • Reduce the appearance of varicose veins
  • Firms and tightens skin

Video Overview

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What to Expect

Why Lymphatic Massage? 

We are constantly bombarded with toxins in our environment and the food that we eat. Our bodies have a challenging time keeping up with the workload to push the waste out. When our lymph system is sluggish it can result in low energy, brain fog, cellulite, and excess body weight. Supporting the lymphatic system is key to a healthy immune system and optimal health.

Who Can Benefit from Lymphatic Massage?

The Ballancer® Pro is popular with celebrities to slim down for red carpet events and professional athletes for recovery. While anyone can benefit from lymphatic massage, it is particularly helpful for people who are looking to boost their immune system, overall wellness, reduce cellulite, weight loss, athletic performance, and recovery. Ballancer® Pro treatments are key for pre and post-surgery and for cancer-related lymphedema.

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, organs and vessels that carry lymph throughout the body. The lymph system is a major part of the body’s immune system. It’s primary role is to to help rid the body of toxins and waste material. When the lymph system is sluggish and not functioning properly it can result in excess weight, skin conditions, fatigue, headaches and more. 

Lymph System

Video Testimonials

30 to 80 Minute Treatments depending on your goals

Lymphatic drainage massage can benefit

  • lymphedema
  • fibromyalgia
  • swelling or edema
  • skin disorders
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • stress
  • digestive problems
  • arthritis
  • migraine episodes
  • sports recovery

Athletic Recovery

body Contouring

body contoring
Before/After 12 Treatments

Special Handling & Contraindications

The BallancerPro is an FDA approved medical device.  It is very safe and gentle and has many protocols including for pre and post-op and lymphedema treatment. 

It is contraindicated for:

  • Congestive heart failure, unstable cardiac disease
  • Heart or vascular problems
  • Poor circulation or areas of numbness
  • Inflamed or swollen or skin eruptions
  • Not to be used with blood clots, deep vein thrombosis or phlebitis

Consult your doctor if you have active cancer or actively going through chemotherapy.

During Pregnancy compression massage can be safe and beneficial for edema. A special protocol that requires turning off certain valves would be done. You may want to consult your doctor before using.

Special Introductory Pricing

  • Ballancer Pro Compression Massage Full Body
    Ballancer Pro Compression Massage Full Body $130

    Start with 40 minutes in the lower body pant, flushing 80% of your lymph. Followed by 20 minutes in the upper body jacket for a full body massage
    Add-on Neurofeedback for $30
    Add-on the LightStim Facial $20
    Add-on NanoVi $30

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