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Spa Gift Cards

Give your loved one or colleague the gift of calm! We offer instant emailed or printed spa card gift card for the amount of your choice.  We are a family-friendly day spa that can accommodate groups of up to 4.

Spa Gift Card Ideas:

For an individual:

  • The Brain Spa Favorite is a 75-minute service that includes Full Body Lymphatic Massage in the Ballancer Pro, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, and LightStim Red Light Facial. ($200)
  • Community Neurofeedback plus Migun Acupressure Massage. ($80)
  • Community Neurofeedback session. ($50)
  • Private Neurofeedback session. ($100)

For a couple:

  • Two person everything is a 2-hour full reset for 2.  Each person does a full body lymphatic massage, neurofeedback, red-light facial, NanoVi, PEMF or Biomat, and Migun acupressure massage. $250 each.

For a group of 4:

  • Brain Spa Sampler for 4. $150 each.

Brain Spa Gift Cards are a great gift choice for a whole family or team gift.

You can instantly purchase a Group Brain Spa or Individual package.  Chose to instantly email the gift certificate or send a beautiful printed card.

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Bay Area Brain Spa Gift Card

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