Contraindications - Bay Area Brain Spa


Please carefully review the contraindications for our offerings and reach out to discuss.

Neurofeedback contraindications: 

None. Safe for all brains and all ages.  If you are taking medications, you should consult with your doctor as you accumulate sessions with brain training as we’ve seen clients need to adjust dosing as they progress with training.

Migun Acupressure contraindications:

While Migun therapy is safe for most people, we ask that you consult with your physician if you have any of the following conditions:

  1. Phlebitis/blood clots
  2. Fused discs, or metallic implants in the spine/scoliosis rods
  3. Fractures or suspected fractures or other traumatic injuries that are healing
  4. Malignant tumors or currently receiving cancer treatment
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Reactive skin disorder such as prickly heat, photoallergic dermatitis, perception disorder
  7. Any major surgeries in the last six months
  8. Severe osteoporosis
  9. Acute disease or pain
  10. Pacemaker

Migun Therapy is safe to use with all medications. Please be aware; if you take blood thinners, you may see bruising in the areas of massage.

Migun Therapy helps your body to work more efficiently and may improve conditions for which you are prescribed medications. We encourage you to be aware of how you are feeling as you use Migun Therapy and consult with your doctor or pharmacist before reducing or eliminating any medications.


Ballancer® Pro Lymphatic Massage contraindications: 

Do not use without a doctor consult and permission if you have: 

  • Cancer or actively going through chemo
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Heart or vascular problems
  • Poor circulation or areas of numbness
  • Inflamed or swollen or skin eruptions
  • Not to be used with blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, or phlebitis
  • Pregnancy


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