Effortless Neurofeedback Brain Training

Effortless Neurofeedback Brain Training

Train Your Brain Like You Train Your Body

Just like you train your body for optimal health and fitness, you can train your brain for optimal performance and stress resilience. We welcome all ages and all brains.  If you have a brain, we suggest you train it!

Neurofeedback training options:

Some of the many benefits of neurofeedback:

Neurofeedback at the Brain Spa: What to Expect

  • You will enter the Brain Spa, take off your shoes, silence your phone and be guided to a relaxing recliner chair.
  • A member of the brain spa team will attach a few non-invasive sensors to your head and ears with a bit of conductive paste.
  • The trainer will give you a set of headphones, start your session and leave you to relax for the 33 minute brain training session.
  • During the session you will be listening to music. The feedback is given through auditory interrupts in the music, similar to a record skip. They are subtle and not bothersome.
  • Our clients find the experience to be very relaxing and some even fall asleep which is totally ok. Brain training is a totally passive experience. Although your brain is working outside of your awareness to take in the information and learn from it.
  • You are welcome to read or quietly use your phone but we encourage you to unplug and reset. 
  • When your session has ended, the music will stop. You can sit your recliner up to cue the team that you are finished with your session.
  • We will remove the sensors and gently wipe off any excess paste.
  • Enjoy the rest of your day and watch for surprises!
NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

Brain training is non-invasive, non-medical, and requires no diagnosis.  All brains, all ages can benefit.

All Brains Welcome

Neurofeedback FAQs

Most people seek out neurofeedback because they are looking to treat a diagnosis, whether it be ADHD, anxiety, etc. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback can be beneficial for anyone. It is not a treatment for any condition but as the brain is trained for greater resilience and flexibility people report relief from symptoms and life improves.

There are no contraindications for NeurOptimal®. It is safe for everyone!

Each session takes about 33 minutes, with a few minutes on each end for hook up and removal of sensors. We tell users to allow 45 minutes end-to-end.

Each person is unique. Some people feel shifts right away, others might feel changes with multiple sessions. It is similar to a new workout program at the gym or a diet in that doing it for one day is not likely to make a big impact but if you do several the change starts to build. We recommend a package of sessions or a rental to experience the benefits of cumulative training sessions.

Brain training can have a wide variety of benefits. Many clients report improvements in managing sleep, feeling more calm, focused, productive, increased emotional self-regulation, bouncing back from stressors with ease and more! Clients report that work and family life is smoother. The shifts can be subtle and seamless and some clients don’t even notice all of the changes that have taken place.

Neurofeedback has been around since the 1960s, but originally it was only available to astronauts and Navy Seals to help them reach peak performance. Because of advances in technology, NeurOptimal® has made brain training accessible to the public for the past 20 years.


No. Other than having sensors temporarily attached to your head and ears, NeurOptimal® is entirely non-invasive and 100% safe! During the sessions, the brain is receiving information about itself, similar to looking in a mirror.

NeurOptimal® has been designated as a General Wellness Product by the United States FDA.

Unfortunately, it is not covered by insurance, because it is not a medical device but considered a general wellness product. Bay Area Brain Spa is dedicated to providing low-cost neurofeedback so that all brains can access the benefits of brain training.


We can charge HSA/FSA cards.

Neurofeedback uses EEG to measure the electrical activity of the brain. It is a subset of biofeedback.

NeurOptimal® brain training is a learned process for the brain. Similar to learning to read or ride a bike, it cannot be unlearned. Just like if you haven’t ridden a bike in a while you can get wobbly. Clients will experience a variety of positive changes during training and those changes hold over time. Some clients chose to come in for regular “tune-ups” when they experience higher times of stress or if old symptoms start to surface.

Science has shown us that the brain is malleable and can be trained to optimize itself. By detecting and monitoring cortical patterns, the brain receives the information it needs to auto-correct itself.

Brain training acts as a mirror for the brain and shows it what it needs to make its own adjustments. Over time the adjustments made become the brain’s new normal—more efficient, more effective, and high performing.

Our technology is completely non-invasive, using sensors to monitor real time electromagnetic activity in the brain and produce audio feedback by the millisecond. This gentle audio feedback helps the brain to adapt to information that it did not previously have access to and then make better decisions about how to improve itself. The human brain inherently knows what it needs and naturally self-corrects, self-organizes, and self-rewards. Neurofeedback technology unlocks the brain’s ability to function optimally.

Regular neurofeedback training sessions teach the brain to operate more efficiently and maintain the learnings it discovers, potentially over a lifetime. This is because NeurOptimal ® neurofeedback technology helps the brain to make the best use of its natural resources. While other technologies require you to actively interact with the technology for it to work, NeurOptimal ® neurofeedback technology retrains your brain to continue to optimize itself independently.

We use NeurOptimal®—the most advanced, safe, powerful, non-invasive, and effective EEG-based technology on the market—that works directly with your central nervous system. The technology uses non-invasive sensors to monitor the electromagnetic activity of the brain and produces audio feedback in real-time—millisecond by millisecond. This gentle audio feedback signal helps the brain adapt to real-time information and makes decisions about how to improve itself—based on its own innate understanding of what it needs.

Issues for which NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is Particularly Effective

Trainers were asked to volunteer which issues they found to respond particularly well to training with NeurOptimal®. Their responses are grouped in order of frequency of votes starting with the highest. Within each grouping there is no significance to the order.

  1. Sleep
    ADHD, ADD, focus, concentration, attention

  2. Anxiety

  3. Stress, stress related issues, relaxation, tension

  4. Depression

  5. PTSD, trauma

  6. Migraines, headaches

  7. Fibromyalgia,
    chronic pain and pain related symptoms,
    General Well Being,

  8. Autism,
    Anger, irritability, aggression,
    Eating Disorders,
    Mood swings, PMS, menopause,
    Peak Performance,
    TBI (traumatic brain injury, post concussion syndrome)

  9. Epilepsy,
    Panic attacks,
    GI Problems, Celiac, constipation,
    Behavioral Issues, tantrums, melt downs,

  10. Dyslexia,
    Lyme Disease,
    Meditative arts,
    Performance Arts,
    Specific Noise Disturbance,

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