Terms & Conditions

By scheduling an appointment at Bay Area Brain Spa, you agree to abide by the following policies.

Cancellation Policy:

No-shows and late cancellations will be charged the full appointment fee.  A late cancellation is a change or cancellation within the 24-hour window of your appointment. Clients may cancel or reschedule their appointments before the 24-hour window without penalty.

Private parties of 4 or more require seven days advance notice of cancellation or rescheduling, and a non-refundable deposit is required.

Late Policy:

If you are late to your appointment, your service may be abbreviated (eg late for full body lymphatic massage, you might have to skip the jacket). Neurofeedback can’t be abbreviated and has no grace period for these appointments. If our stations are booked back to back, we might not be unable to accommodate the appointment. Plan for traffic and parking accordingly so that you are on time.

Membership Terms:

Membership commitment is a 3-month minimum. No exceptions. No refunds. Membership fees will be automatically drawn each month on the day that the membership begins until the client cancels.

Members are responsible for canceling their membership before the next renewal date. Refunds will not be given for membership charges. Cancellation requests must be made in writing 2 days prior to the membership renewal charge, or you can process your own cancellation on your account.

Membership hold: Once you have met your 3-month minimum commitment, you may request a membership pause. This can be done by requesting in writing for circumstances such as extended travel or surgery if you will be away for a month or more. For short travel, we recommend stacking services to use your credits when you return from travel.  Member credits roll over for up to 90 days to allow for this.

The member’s 20% discount is only on active memberships.  As soon as you cancel or pause your membership, you lose the discount even if you still have prepaid credits to use.

Expirations and Refunds

All sales are final, and Bay Area Brain Spa does not offer refunds.

Packages: No Refunds. No exceptions. All sales are final. Packages are for the services listed in the package. The service credits are not exchangeable for other services. Refunds will not be given for doing partial services (ex., Pants only on a full-body lymph package.)

Service credit expirations: Service credits expire based on the package or membership. Please make a note of when they expire and plan accordingly. We give ample time to utilize service credits.  Expired credits can not be reinstated.

Space Use Policies

All clients understand that we are fragrance-free. We are a scent-free space; this includes all lotions, perfumes, fabric softeners, smoke, essential oils, etc. We work hard to keep our space as healthy as possible. Fragrances are toxic, and some of our clients are very sensitive to them and can disrupt the experience.  You may forfeit your appointment and be considered a late cancellation if you arrive perfumed. Please do not bring food into the space as it also leaves a smell.

All clients will remove or cover their shoes and wear socks before entering beyond the front desk area.

All clients will silence their phones before entering the space and only interact with their phones on silent while in the space.  

All clients will review the contraindications and check with their medical provider if they have any concerns about the use of our technology.

Unkind or rude behavior toward our staff or other clients will result in permanent suspension from the Bay Area Brain Spa.