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Thank you for your interest in Bay Area Brain Spa! We have a lot to offer and know it can be overwhelming to land on this site and not know where to begin!  

Here’s a little extra guidance to help:


Need to De-Stress?

That is our specialty!  No faster way than with neurofeedback, #1 on our recipe for wellness. 

  1. If you are brand new to neurofeedback and want to learn how this amazing technology can help you, book a private neurofeedback with consultation session and come meet with us to discuss your goals and how neurofeedback can assist you, then enjoy a relaxing 33-minute neurofeedback session.  This is a fantastic starting place! 
  2. If you are familiar with NeurOptimal and don’t need the consultation, feel free to book in our community room (no consultation time included.) 
  3. We offer a great neurofeedback starter pack that includes a private consultation plus 4 community sessions to get your brain training started.


Feeling foggy, bloated, and achy?

 It could be your lymph system crying for help.  Lymphatic health is #2 on our recipe for wellness.  Book a lymphatic drainage massage in one of our touchless compression massage suits and see for yourself how quickly you will feel better by flushing your lymph.


Brand new to us?

Book our New Client Special and try both of these top services for only $90! This includes 40 minutes in the lower body lymphatic massage pants with neurofeedback.  It’s a great way to sample our most popular services and see the spa!


Want to dig in deeper before you choose?

Request a Tour or Virtual Consultation and see the space and chat with us about how our services can best assist your wellness goals.  Fill in the form below form, and we will help steer you towards the best starting place for you!

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