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Brain Spa Kid’s Club!

Welcome to the Brain Spa Kids Club!

As parents of kids who have used neurofeedback for many years, we have seen the tremendous benefits firsthand. We are highly passionate about sharing this amazing technology with others. We want it to be easy and accessible for kids to train their brains.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is like a workout for your brain! Just like you exercise your muscles to make them stronger, you can exercise your brain to make it work even better. It’s a fun and interactive way to train your brain to be more focused, relaxed, and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

At the Kids Club, we use a special type of neurofeedback called NeurOptimal®. NeurOptimal® is like a magical mirror that shows your brain what it’s doing in real time. It helps your brain learn how to be more flexible and adaptable, just like a superhero learning new powers!

Neurofeedback for kids


Why is NeurOptimal® Helpful for Kids?

Super Focus: Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate, whether it’s studying for a test or finishing your homework. NeurOptimal® helps train your brain to stay focused, making it easier for you to pay attention and learn new things.

Calming Power:  Have you ever felt stressed or worried? NeurOptimal can help your brain learn to stay calm, which can be super helpful when dealing with big emotions or challenging situations.

Sleeping Beauty:  Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for a strong and healthy brain. NeurOptimal® can help improve your sleep by teaching your brain to relax and unwind before bedtime.

Feeling Confident:  Sometimes, we doubt ourselves and our abilities. NeurOptimal® can boost your confidence by training your brain to believe in itself, making you feel more capable for school, sports and life! 

Neurofeedback is cumulative, and the benefits build over time. The more time you spend at the Kids Club, the more benefits you will see. 

Are you excited to join the Kids Club and give your brain the ultimate workout? 

Kids Club expectations:

Kids are allowed to be dropped off but must be able to follow instructions and sit quietly in a chair. They must have all waivers and intakes filled out prior to drop off.

It’s fun to train your brain with friends! Bring a friend and sit next to each other.

Because NeurOptimal® is effortless, you can relax in the chair and take a rest, do homework, and read. For younger kids, we can offer a movie to watch. 

Parents can book self-care services in the space during the appointment.

Back to school special: 
Thursdays 2 pm to 7 pm in September

neurofeedback sessions for students are only $40! (regularly $65 each or 5 for $250)

How to book:

  1.  Visit our online booking here
  2. Under Neurofeedback, find Kids Club and pick a Thursday date
  3. You will need to store a credit card to hold your space but you won’t be charged until after the service
  4. Fill out the intake forms and waivers – make sure to note the name and age of your child

Sessions are 33 minutes plus hook-up and clean-up, so plan about 50 minutes total.

The neurofeedback is effortless.  You simply listen to music (which delivers the feedback) and can read, nap, or do homework.

Here are 15 reasons to try Neurofeedback for kids:

Kids report after using NeurOptimal Neurofeedback training:

  1. Better focus and attention
  2. Fewer anxieties/more resilience
  3. Faster recovery from upsets
  4. Better in social situations
  5. Better sleep
  6. Easier time falling asleep
  7. Easier time with schoolwork
  8. Easier transitions
  9. Fewer tantrums
  10. Less hyperactivity
  11. Less impulsivity
  12. Less picky about foods and sensory things
  13. Fewer tears
  14. More responsive
  15. More self-esteem
neurofeedback for kids