Kids Club - Bay Area Brain Spa

Kids Club

We are adding a weekly kids club day so you can drop your child off for low-cost neurofeedback.

Feel free to enjoy the newly reopened shops, restaurants, and salons on Solano Ave while your child spends 50 minutes at the Brain Spa doing neurofeedback.

Bring homework or independent reading.  Ask for sibling discounts.


4 stations are safely distanced in the large space and operating concurrently.
Sessions are 33-minutes plus hook-up and clean-up, so plan about 50 minutes total.
The neurofeedback is effortless.  You simply listen to music (which delivers the feedback) and can read, nap, or do homework.

If your child is too young or unable to be left unattended, please book a private or family session.  The kids club hours are for kids and teens who can sit on their own for about 50 minutes.

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