Pre and Post Surgery - Bay Area Brain Spa

Pre and Post Surgery

Bay Area Brain Spa has several technologies and products to help you prepare and recover from surgery.  These tools help you to:

  • Speed up recovery & healing
  • Decrease swelling
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Detox from meds and toxins
  • Improve circulation

These Are Our Top Suggested Brain Spa Treatments To Support You Pre and Post Surgery:

Want to track your progress?

WAVi Brain Scan

Measure your brain’s performance with a WAVi performance brain scan.  You can measure both how your brain is doing now and re-test to see how you. are improving with all your wellness efforts.  

Suggested for Daily Use:

Red Light Therapy

To further support detoxification and optimal health you might benefit from daily Red Light Therapy. We have several red lights at the Brain Spa you can use during your visit and we also stock the Truedark TrueLight Energy Square you can purchase for daily home use.  Treating the lungs and kidneys for 20 minutes per day could be helpful.  We also love the Luminous Red lights (we have the half body panel) and you can save $20 with coupon code BRAINSPA.

Avacen Thermotherapy

Avacen is one of our favorite daily at home biohacking routines.  It helps your body eliminate toxins.  You can use the Avacen at the Brain Spa, rent one to try at home for a week, or purchase your own to use regularly.  We love ours!

Recovery Bits – Chlorella

We love Chlorella for assisting detoxification.  We stock bits at the Brain Spa or order them from their website and save 20% off with coupon code BAYAREABRAINSPA.


Beyond the Brain Spa

Look into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

We are not medical professionals and can not diagnose or treat any specific conditions.  If you have medical concerns please consult your physician.  Here we are simply sharing what we have found works well for us and our clients who report back how they feel after using our technology.  Research and other data are cited and linked.  Contraindications for all services can be found here: