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NanoVi™  technology produces the same biological signal our bodies makes to repair cell damage. Our bodies are exposed to toxins and free radicals which causes oxidative damage to the cells. We are exposed to more toxins in the air we breathe and food that we eat than ever. Our body simply can’t catch up with the rate of repair needed. Bio-identical signaling to the body initiates a repair process at a cellular level. NanoVi™ sessions are as easy as breathing in humidified air. It can be combined with neurofeedback, redlight therapy and other add ons. Great for expedited recovery for athletes, immune health, mental and physical vitality and for anyone who wants give their body extra support for healing and wellbeing!

Clinical Studies of NanoVi™ Show:

NanoVi biohacking tool

  • Faster DNA Repair
  • Reduced Lactate
  • Improved Inflammatory Response
  • Better Heart Rate Variability
  • Reduction of Markers in Oxidative Stress

We love to Stack the 30-minute NanoVi treatment with Lymphatic Massage, Neurofeedback, PEMF, or the Biomat.

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