NanoVi™ Cellular Repair

Reverse Oxidative Damage

NanoVi® is cutting edge technology that easily and effectively helps repair damage to your cells, anti-aging and recovery.

Did you know that our bodies are exposed to a lot of oxidative stress from what we eat, breathe and our environment?

Those oxidative stressors cause damage to our cells and their ability to function properly. Our bodies simply can’t keep up with the repair because of the amount of toxins in our food and environment that we are exposed to. This damage to the cells result in decreased immune function, faster aging and poor health.

NanoVi® technology was developed to supplement your body with the same signal that it makes naturally to tell your cells to repair themselves. 

Benefits of NanoVi

NanoVi™ Cellular Repair

Clinical Studies Show:

NanoVi biohacking tool
NanoVi 30 Minute Treatment

NanoVi at the Brain Spa: What to Expect

NanoVi™ Cellular Repair

You can sit in a recliner chair or use this as an add-on to another service like the hot gemstone PEMF Mat or in the compression massage suit.  You can breathe the humidity with a cannula or paper tube.

By elegant and non bio-chemical means, NanoVi technology stimulates the repair processes necessary following oxidative stress. NanoVi technology has succeeded in taking a coherent and holistic view of the complex cellular mechanisms linked to oxidative stress, which are previously viewed separately in terms of cell biology, cell biochemistry and cell physics; furthermore, it has succeeded in putting this understanding to use in preventative medicine.”

– U. J. Winter, MD, Cardiologist, Angiology, and Sports Medicine

NanoVi FAQs

How does it work?

The bio-identical signal is transferred to humidity and is delivered to you via humidified air. Sessions are very simple and effortless. You just breathe the humidified air and your cells get to work on the repair process.  Read more:

Who should use NanoVi®?

Everyone can benefit. Great for expedited recovery for athletes, immune health, cancer patients, mental and physical vitality and for anyone who wants to give their body extra support for healing and wellbeing!

Who uses bio-identical signaling?

Customers include doctors and health-conscious people who are interested in anti-aging, preventing disorders, enhancing energy, recovering from illness or better management of chronic diseases. Athletes seeking peak performance, faster recovery times and improved immune function are also dedicated users this technology.

Are there any dangers of using the device?

Absolutely none. Breathing with the device is just like the breathing you do every day, only better because it boosts oxidative response at the cellular level. Bio-identical signaling helps trigger natural repair mechanisms, supporting rather than overriding the body’s natural ability to function.

How do scientists know that bio-identical signaling actually works?

Researchers have measured impact from use of the technology across a variety of indicators. These include heart rate variability, basal metabolic rate, blood oxygen levels, resting heart rate, levels of unused exhaled oxygen, markers for immune response, measures of oxidative stress, and lactate production in athletes.