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Improve Athletic Performance and Recovery

Bay Area Brain Spa in the San Francisco Bay Area offers athletic performance support.  Local athletes can utilize all of our cutting edge technologies and we offer remote neurofeedback training to athletes and teams out of the area.

Our offerings combine the powerful benefits of neurofeedback, lymphatic massage, red light therapy, and other biohacking technology to build mental toughness, speed recovery time, and improve performance.

Co-founder of the Brain Spa and founder of Mind Balance, Angela Martinucci has worked with athletes with neurofeedback and peak performance coaching for many years. In her work with major league baseball players, including the Oakland A’s team, she found the benefits of neurofeedback training to be invaluable for peak athletic performance.

These Are Our Top Suggested Brain Spa Treatments To Improve Athletic Performance and Recovery:

#1. Neurofeedback

The neurofeedback technology that we use is incredible for athletes for peak performance, performance anxiety, and mental toughness! Optimizing the brain impacts performance in a significant way.

The brain is our most powerful “muscle”. Neurofeedback training can help release limiting beliefs allowing athletes to break through barriers and reach their full potential.

Our athlete clients who participate in our neurofeedback and peak performance coaching program report:

  • Deeper sleep and an easier time falling asleep
  • Feeling more calm
  • Quicker reaction time
  • Increased confidence
  • Less self-doubt
  • Improved focus
  • Feeling “locked-in” or in the “zone”
  • Resilience- Bounce back from the last play
  • Quieting of the mind and ability to effortlessly block out external noise
  • Releasing negative self-talk and mind chatter
  • Breaking through levels in workouts
  • Increased team “flow state”
  • Improved performance and recovery
  • Able to wind down and relax after a game
  • Better regulation of emotions
  • Decreased highs and lows

#2. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Different from other compression boots, the Ballancer® Pro pants cover the hips and abdomen offering unique support and recovery for the hip area. The jacket provides much-needed recovery and support to the arms, shoulders, and back.
Athletic Performance Benefits:

  • Helps athletes to recover faster from workouts
  • Reduce swelling
  • Assist with surgery recovery
  • Increased circulation
  • Reduced muscle soreness

#3. NanoVi Cellular Repair

NanoVi device produces the same biological signal that your body makes to repair cell damage. It is popular with athletes because of the rate at which they need to recover.
Athletic Performance Benefits:

  • Much less lactate in blood after exertion
  • Stronger immunity
  • Less DNA damage after endurance workouts
  • Improved HRV
  • Recovery after work out and injury
  • Boost cellular repair
  • Reduce oxidative damage
  • Improves HRV

#4 Red Light Therapy
Photobiomodulation or Red light therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of energy to increase cellular energy in the body. Red light therapy is helpful for athletes for injury, performance and recovery.
Athletic Performance Benefits:

  • Speeds healing time from injury or surgery
  • Quicker recovery time after work out
  • Decreases muscle soreness
  • Relieve pain, swelling and inflammation
  • Increases endurance

#5 Migun Infrared Acupressure Massage Table
The Migun massage therapy table is a cutting edge pain management therapy. It uses far-infrared heat, acupressure, and jade massage heads to gently stretch the spine and relax the muscles. The unique jade massage heads stimulate nerves along the spine to promote healing.
Athletic Performance Benefits:

  • Relaxation
  • Reduce pain and muscle soreness
  • Improves regulation of the autonomic nervous system
  • Better sleep

Want to track your progress?

WAVi Brain Scan

Measure your brain’s performance with a WAVi performance brain scan.  You can measure both how your brain is doing now and re-test to see how you. are improving with all your wellness efforts.  

Suggested for Daily Use:

Red Light Therapy

To further support detoxification and optimal health you might benefit from daily Red Light Therapy. We have several red lights at the Brain Spa you can use during your visit and we also stock the Truedark TrueLight Energy Square you can purchase for daily home use.  Treating the lungs and kidneys for 20 minutes per day could be helpful.  We also love the Luminous Red lights (we have the half body panel) and you can save $20 with coupon code BRAINSPA.

Avacen Thermotherapy

Avacen is one of our favorite daily at home biohacking routines.  It helps your body eliminate toxins.  You can use the Avacen at the Brain Spa, rent one to try at home for a week, or purchase your own to use regularly.  We love ours!

Recovery Bits – Chlorella

We love Chlorella for assisting detoxification.  We stock bits at the Brain Spa or order them from their website and save 20% off with coupon code BAYAREABRAINSPA.


Offerings for Athletes and Sports Teams:

Local San Francisco Bay Area Offerings:

  • Customized sports recovery and performance packages at the brain spa or onsite for local teams
  • Peak Performance coaching

Remote offerings- through Mind Balance:

  • Neurofeedback rentals combined with peak performance coaching. We ship neurofeedback systems throughout the US. We offer training and peak performance coaching.
  • Onsite customized programs for sports teams- allow us to create a neurofeedback program for your team which includes technology, set up, project management, training and performance coaching
  • Consulting for Onsite Sports Performance Center- Looking to create the ultimate performance and recovery space at your team complex? We can assist you with curating the most cutting edge and effective technologies for performance and recovery for your training center.

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We are not medical professionals and can not diagnose or treat any specific conditions.  If you have medical concerns please consult your physician.  Here we are simply sharing what we have found works well for us and our clients who report back how they feel after using our technology.  Research and other data are cited and linked.  Contraindications for all services can be found here: