Tools for Weight loss

At The Brain Spa

Achieve your best weight loss results with a full lymph reset package of 10 full-body lymphatic drainage massages in 4 weeks. Add neurofeedback to optimize your results and make even more progress. We offer a special price of $1200 for those who commit to the 10 sessions in 4 weeks. For the 4 weeks of your flush, you will also get 20% off all other Brain Spa services and add-ons, making it even more affordable to add neurofeedback to your massage.

If you are unable to commit to that many visits in a week, we also offer a 10 pack of Full Body Lymphatic Dranange with Neurofeedback for $1600.  (reg. $2000) This package can be used in 10 weeks.

Our Brain Spa Service Suggestions for Weight Loss:

#1. Flush your lymphatic system with full body lymphatic drainage massage. Flushes retained water, and resets the lymphatic system, which helps to speed the metabolism.

#2. Neurofeedback – Helps to calm and regulate the central nervous system.  A regulated nervous system allows us to be responsive (not reactive) and, therefore, make better decisions, including about what to eat.  As a person regulates their nervous system and feels better, they are less likely to turn to emotional eating for comfort.  Stress can cause us to gain and hold weight so by building stress resilience with neurofeedback, you are setting yourself up for weight loss success. It can also help to improve sleep quality, which is another important factor for weight loss.

#3. Lymph Roller – Burn calories, flush retained water, and break up cellulite, all with this fun and feel-good massage! It can also help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

Build Muscle, Heal and Prevent Injury

Move With Studio – Pilates is an excellent way to build muscle, increase mobility, and prevent injury.  It’s an excellent option for all fitness levels.  Move With offers private and group sessions.  Grab a new client package and build your strength.

Root & Limb Pilates  – Virtual Pilates Classes with unlimited 24/7 access

Anytime Fitness – 24-hour gym access and personal training

IBX Fitness – Small group fitness classes 

Live Oak Strength – Specialized, one-on-one training with only 20-minute sessions to build strength. 

Nutrition Consultation and Guidance

Eleni Frediani, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner  – Let’s Talk Food (video) contact

Shawn Marie Feldman, Master’s in Health & Nutrition Education, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®

Extra Help

Worthy Self-Care Studio Offers Cryo Slim – kill fat cells with cold therapy Cryoskin First Time Session Offer of $250 ($400 value).

HOCWC (Human Optimization Center Walnut Creek) Contour Light – kill fat cells with this specialized red light therapy that wraps your body like a burrito. 

We are not medical professionals and can not diagnose or treat any specific conditions.  If you have medical concerns please consult your physician.  Here we are simply sharing what we have found works well for us and our clients who report back how they feel after using our technology.  Research and other data are cited and linked.  Contraindications for all services can be found here: