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Boa Max 2 Compression Therapy

The Boa Max 2 is made by Metrum Cryoflex, a medical device manufacturer in Poland known for cryotherapy, cryosurgery and laser surgery devices.  The Boa Max 2 is a medical-grade compression therapy device that was designed according to Dr. Vodder’s methods of lymphatic drainage and offers a highly effective compression therapy treatment.

The compression therapy pants have 12 overlapping chambers in each leg that sequentially fill and flush the lymphatic system with relaxing pressure.  The flushing decreases water accumulation in the legs, hips, and buttocks through lymphatic drainage, making legs thinner while tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Superior to manual massage, the pressure is applied throughout the circumference of the leg at much higher pressure delivering and very thorough flush. Athletes use this device to accelerate recovery after strenuous exercise.

Boa Max 2

Benefits and Uses Of Compression Therapy:

  • Recovery after athletics.
  • Relief for tired, heavy legs.
  • Improving circulation.
  • Flushes the lymphatic system.
  • Stopping the accumulation of cellulite and water retention.
  • Prevention and elimination of the first stage of varicose veins.
  • Shaping legs, abdomen, buttocks.
  • Strengthening and toning loose skin.
Boa Max 2 controls

6 Different Preset Therapies:

  • Lipolysis & Cavitation
    • A series of algorithms for lymphatic drainage and compression massage. Especially effective after Cryoshaping or similar cryolipolysis.
  • Sport Massage
    • An algorithm producing a series of strong compression massage in combination with pulsating massage.
  • Relaxation
    • Lymphatic drainage massage used specifically for relaxation therapy, “heavy legs” syndrome, and varicose veins prophylaxis.
  • Slimming & Cellulite