Weight Loss

Weight Loss

#1. Flush your lymphatic system with full body lymphatic drainage massage. Flushes retained water, and resets the lymphatic system, which helps to speed the metabolism.

#2. Neurofeedback – Helps to calm and regulate the central nervous system.  A regulated nervous system allows us to be responsive (not reactive) and, therefore, make better decisions, including about what to eat.  As a person regulates their nervous system and feels better, they are less likely to turn to emotional eating for comfort.  Stress can cause us to gain and hold weight so by building stress resilience with neurofeedback, you are setting yourself up for weight loss success. It can also help to improve sleep quality, which is another important factor for weight loss.

#3. Lymph Roller – Burn calories, flush retained water, and break up cellulite, all with this fun and feel-good massage! It can also help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

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