Self-Serve Wellness Circuit

For just $60 enjoy sixty minutes in our self-serve self-care circuit with 15 minutes at any 4 of the 5 station choices.

You are required first to attend a free 30-minute orientation class before you book the self-serve circuit so you can learn how to operate each of the stations independently. Once you’ve attended the free orientation, you are invited to book the circuit as often as you like.

Self-Serve Wellness Circuit
Self-Serve Wellness Circuit

Circuit Options Include:

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Hello Ladies! I want to let you know how my experience was with the new circuit option. It really allowed me the opportunity to experience new wellness options. I had been a little intimated by the Rollstar Lymphatic Machine, and it was so helpful to have been given walk through instructions on how to use the machine. I absolutely love it! The options for the circuit made so much sense once I went through the entire process. I got just enough of everything in the circuit to feel a substantial difference. I did the Rollstar, BioCharger, Pemf Mat, and the Migun. The ease and functionality of the circuit will now be weakly integrated as part of my health routine. I had a very good night sleep after the circuit!!
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I loved the self serve circuit today. The orientation gave me the information I needed to successfully utilize the different services. And I felt like the 15 minutes was a great amount of time to get all the benefits of each station. I will definitely be booking the circuit again SOON!

How to prepare for the circuit:

  1. Review the contraindications to make sure you are clear for each station. (see the contraindications list below on this page)
  2. Book and attend a free 30-minute orientation class to learn how to operate all of the stations. Review the list of Biocharger Recipes so you know which you want ahead of your rotation. See options here
  3. Be well-hydrated! 
  4. We are a fragrance-free space.  Please be mindful!
  5. Dress comfortably; lightweight clothes like you’d wear to a yoga class work well.  For the Rollstar, you will want form-fitting clothes that won’t roll up with the roller.  Light color allows you to absorb the most infrared.  No zippers, buttons, jewelry, or loose items that will ding, scratch, or catch in the roller.  You may want to undress for the Red Light station so plan for something you can quickly change to keep the circuit timing. Socks are required.
  6. Did we mention hydration?  4 of the 5 stations have infrared light, which is very detoxifying, so extra hydrate and grab some electrolytes.  (We sell LMNT packets if you need some, and we carry Chlorella that will help you detox.)
  7. Please review the FAQ

FAQs and Contraindications

You are required first to attend a 30-minute orientation class before you book the self-serve circuit so you can learn how to operate each of the stations independently. Once you have attended the orientation, you may book the circuit anytime it’s offered.

Yes, please review:

PEMF mat Considerations:  

PEMF is not suitable for pregnant, nursing or pacemaker. Just the hot gemstones are very low risk.

Migun Therapy Considerations:

While Migun therapy is safe for most people, we ask that you consult with your physician if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Phlebitis/blood clots
  • Fused discs, or metallic implants in the spine/scoliosis rods, Fractures or suspected fractures or other traumatic injuries that are healing
  • Malignant tumors or currently receiving cancer treatment
  • Pregnancy (no research)
  • Reactive skin disorders such as prickly heat, photoallergic dermatitis, perception disorder
  • Any major surgeries in the last six months
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Acute disease or pain
  • Pacemaker

Please be aware; if you take blood thinners, you may see bruising in the areas of the massage. 

Rollstar Special Handling and Contraindications

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Heart or vascular problems
  • Skin disease, wounds, large bruisesInflamed or swollen or skin eruptionsBlood clots, deep vein thrombosis or phlebitisPregnancyTumors, suspected tumorsVaricose veins 
  • Consult your doctor if you have active cancer or are actively going through chemotherapy

Red Light Considerations: FDA required contraindications

  • Usage of NIR light on areas of existing hyperpigmentation may increase this and we recommend using only RED/R+ on these areas.
  • Do not use creams that increase skin photosensitivity, apply to abdominal or lumbosacral points in pregnant women, apply to thorax or over pacemaker, apply to patients taking drugs with light or heat sensitivity or steroids

Whole Body Vibration Plate Contraindications:

Kidney or bladder stones.
A pacemaker.
Untreated orthostatic hypotension.
Recent implants (joint/corneal/cochlear, etc.).
Recent surgery.
Recently placed intrauterine devices or pins.
Acute thrombosis or hernia, acute rheumatoid arthritis.
Serious cardiovascular disease.
Severe diabetes.

BioCharger Considerations:

There are contraindications for

  • Pregnant women.
  • Anyone with an electrical brain implant.
  • Anyone with an artificial implant in the head of any kind.

Photo-Sensitive Individuals:

Epileptics, photo-convulsive individuals, and anyone who is photosensitive in any way should take one of the following preventative measures:

  • Use an opaque eye mask to block all light to the eyes.
  • Turn your back to the BioCharger, preventing light from reaching your eyes.
  • Listen to your body and stop using if feeling uncomfortable.

Engage BioCharger at a minimum distance of 2 meters (± 6 feet).

  • People with pacemakers or other implants for the heart.
  • Non-removable insulin pumps (removable pumps must be removed prior to starting the session).
  • Any other electrical implant.

Yes!  This is a great activity to do with friends.  Up to 4 people may book the circuit simultaneously. 

No, not during the Self-Care Circuit.  You can always book a longer session in a station during a la carte hours.

Great, just do two!  We have priced this circuit to be accessible!  The fee to attend is about the price of paying for two of the services a la carte.

We also offer these stations a la carte.  You can find the service and book it outside of the circuit hours.

While we have a lot of amazing wellness services, only the five listed are available as part of the circuit.

There is a sign-up sheet for the station rotation, so get there early to get your preferred order! Flexibility is key, as you might not get your exact order every time with the shared circuit.

This circuit might not be for you! You should be sure that you tolerate these and will feel good after. If you feel like you’ve had enough, you should stop even if you haven’t done all 4 stations. Making sure that you are well hydrated before and after will help.

Not during the circuit! Timing is set to rotate every 15 minutes in the hour, which only allows for 4 stations. Do the other one next time!

We welcome those 15 and up who can follow instructions and feel comfortable safely using the technology independently.

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60 Minutes of Wellness for $60