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Relaxing Group Spa Packages

Families and COVID Cohorts Can Enjoy a Relaxing and Resetting Group Brain Spa Experience

Date Night?  Besties?  COVID-Pod Party?  Wellness is a great shared experience!

Bring your whole cohort to the Brain Spa for a fun relaxing, restoring outing with one of our group spa packages!  If you quarantine together you can brain train together!  Our stations are also generously spaced if you would rather keep your distance.

There are many benefits of training together as a unit.  Studies show that when those around you with shared experience do the work to optimize together they find greater and faster movement towards their goals.

We offer group sessions for 2 to 8 people and can do a whole package spa day where everyone can enjoy both a neurofeedback session and a biohacking session at our other stations:  Compression Massage, NanoVi, Biomat, and Red Light.  As an extra treat enjoy a hot tea and Joey Bar!

It’s a truly relaxing, restoring, and resetting experience!  This is also a great way to try some new biohacking tools.

Send us a message with how many people and what you are interested in and we will send a quote for a customized package for you.


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Group Spa Packages are perfect for:

group spa package

  • Families
  • Family Pods who are quarantining together
  • Co-workers
  • Teams
  • Bookclubs
  • Mom’s Groups
  • Dad’s Groups
  • Girl’s Night
  • Double Dates
  • Celebrations

Leadership Events

We also offer half-day retreat packages for Corporate Leadership Teams.  Please inquire for details and pricing.

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