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BioCharger Recipes

These are recipes currently on the BioCharger that you may choose from:

Assigned Recipes

5 Hour Energy (9:00 mm:ss)

Help elevate energy levels

Abundance (15:00 mm:ss)

Enhance attraction to abundance

Adren (12:00 mm:ss)

Help support the adrenals

ALS Support (14:00 mm:ss)

Support for ALS

Anxiety Support 10 (10:00 mm:ss)

Help anxiety and stress 10min

Arthritis Support (10:15 mm:ss)

Help joint stiffness

Astigmatism Support (15:00 mm:ss)

Support for the eyes

Athletic Recovery (10:00 mm:ss)

Support for athletic recovery

Brain Activation 40Hz (20:00 mm:ss)

Support for brain health and cognitive function

Breathe Free (11:00 mm:ss)

Support for the lungs and breathing problems

CFS Support (13:00 mm:ss)

Support for chronic fatigue syndrome

Chakra Balancing (6:00 mm:ss)

Support for the Chakra system

Deep Insight (12:00 mm:ss)

Help open the way for key life changing answers to emerge

Default (14:00 mm:ss)

Support for overall health and well-being

Earth Pulse (10:00 mm:ss)

Schumann resonance frequency ranges for Earth pulse entrainment

EBV (15:00 mm:ss)

Assist with immune support related to EBV

Fat Buster (11:00 mm:ss)

Support digestion health assisting fat metabolism

Fibromyalgia (15:40 mm:ss)

Support for fibromyalgia and related conditions

Get The Edge (8:00 mm:ss)

Help assist with mental clarity, focus and mental quickness

Happy Days (9:00 mm:ss)

Support mood elevation

Hiatal Hernia Support (10:00 mm:ss)

Support for hiatal hernia and related conditions

Histamine Calm (15:00 mm:ss)

Support for lowering histamine

Hormonal Balance (20:00 mm:ss)

Support for menopausal issues

Hot Flash Chiller (10:00 mm:ss)

Support for hot flashes

Immune Strong (12:00 mm:ss)

Support and strengthen the immune system-12

Inflammation Support 10 (10:00 mm:ss)

Help with generalized inflammation-10

Libido (15:00 mm:ss)

Support healthy libido-15

Liver Support (10:00 mm:ss)

Support for the liver

Menopausal Support (14:00 mm:ss)

Support for menopausal symptoms

Migraine Relief (12:00 mm:ss)

Support for headaches and related conditions

Nirvana (10:00 mm:ss)

Support relaxation, meditation and/or sleep-10

Nitro (10:30 mm:ss)

Support physically demanding stress such as athletic performance

Pain Support (11:00 mm:ss)

Help with reducing intense discomfort

PurifyRecover (11:00 mm:ss)

Support for purification & revitalization

Recovery Joint Ligament Tendon (8:00 mm:ss)

Help support joints

Rife3G-Hoyland-S (15:00 mm:ss)

Originated from Rife Broad Sweep- 3rd Generation co-developed w/ Dr. Hoyland

RSD Assist (15:00 mm:ss)

Help support for RSD (CRPS)

TeslaStretch (30:00 mm:ss)

Support for the fascia

Thyroiditis Assist (14:00 mm:ss)

Support for thyroiditis and Hashimoto’s type conditions

Vagal Tone (11:00 mm:ss)

Support for the Vagus nerve

Wellness – Happy Relief (25:30 mm:ss)

Supports Well.,Inflam.,& Mood

Wellness Assist ACG 12 (12:00 mm:ss)

Supports cleansing of ACG 12min

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