Thank you for booking! - Bay Area Brain Spa

Thank you for booking!

We look forward to seeing you at the Bay Area Brain Spa!

We are at 1037 Solano Ave. Albany, Ca 94706

Please text or email AT LEAST 24 hours before your appointment time if you need to cancel or reschedule. We cannot give a refund if you late cancel.

Please bring a mask, especially if you are booked in a community room.

NEW CLIENTS: Please fill out this form:

If you would like to track your stress levels please use the PSS here:

Prepare for your session:

Wear comfortable clothing that you can relax in
Bring a pair of comfy socks as we are a shoes-off space
Avoid wearing perfume or scented fragrance the day of your session
You are welcome to bring an eye mask and your personal headphones or earbuds if you prefer them

In the Brain Spa:
Remove or cover your shoes.
Silence your phone (turn off any sounds or vibrations)
Use a quiet voice.


There is quite a bit of 90-minute free parking near us.
On Adams, there is also unmetered parking.

There is one blue curb space at the corner of Adams and Solano (on Adams).

If you have any questions just reach out!
We’ll see you soon!
Angela, Carleigh, and Emily


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