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Sponsor Community Neurofeedback

Our goal with the Community Neurofeedback Brain Spa is to offer lower-cost neurofeedback to the community making it more accessible to all who need it.  For many who really need brain training, low cost is not enough.  We welcome your sponsorship to cover the cost of the neurofeedback sessions for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

Pay It Forward

Sponsorship Options:

  • Contribute to our scholarship fund
    • All brains need to train but not all people can afford the sessions.  We keep a scholarship fund so that we can offer sliding scale fees to those who can’t afford the session otherwise.  Contribute as much as you like to this fund and many brains will thank you!
  • Buy a single session for a designated person.
    • If you’d like to sponsor a specific demographic (i.e. school teacher, first responder, cancer survivor, etc.) Make that clear in your scholarship purchase and we will reserve it for that group.
  • Sponsor a special Community Brain Training event and cover the whole group.
    • We can open our doors to the community for all or for a specific group with you as a sponsor.
    • Your logo will go in our window and on the website and social media for promotions around this event and up to 4 weeks leading to it.
  • Sponsor the Community Brain Spa to go onsite for an event
    • We are able to set up a Pop-Up Brain Spa for up to 6 seats at your desired Bay Area location
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