Pre-Pregnancy Wellness with Poplin - Cancelled - Bay Area Brain Spa

Pre-Pregnancy Wellness with Poplin – Cancelled

Event Cancelled for 9/21

A fertility gap plagues American couples-but you can do something about 
Getting pregnant and having healthy children is more difficult now than it was for our parents’ generation. Moreover, today’s solutions for infertility are woefully inadequate-they’re expensive, invasive, and 
There is another way. The steps you take to prepare your body and mind before you conceive can optimize your health and inspire a lifetime of health for your child. In 9 Months Is Not Enough, pre-pregnancy expert Alexandria DeVito shares a scientifically based roadmap for complete pre-pregnancy wellness for you and generational health for your family. You’ll learn how to run comprehensive diagnostic testing to identify underlying health issues that can impair fertility, prepare for a preconception visit with your doctor, and adopt a fertility-friendly diet, supplementation, and lifestyle plan. No matter where you are in your journey, 9 Months Is Not Enough is today’s must-read handbook for tomorrow’s parents.