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Outdoor Neurofeedback

Outdoor Neurofeedback

Outdoor Neurofeedback Sessions in the garden behind our building to offer safe, distant, fresh air sessions!

1496 Solano Ave, Albany Ca 94706

Join us! All brains and all ages welcome!

We will have 2 to 4 seats operating concurrently spaced throughout the garden.

We are offering a special low-cost price for this crazy COVID time. 
$50 per session.

Pick Your Time Slot for Outdoor Neurofeedback

Looking for a last-minute (day of) space?  or don’t see the time you need? text us at 510-338-4645

Upcoming Outdoor Days:
May 1st, 2021

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What is Neurofeedback?

We use an advanced brain training technology called NeurOptimal®. It uses a few EEG sensors to measure the electrical activity of the brain and to provide information back to the brain about what it has just done through audio feedback. It does so by inserting brief pauses in the music that the participant is listening to. The brain inherently knows how to self-correct when given information about itself. The feedback is very similar to looking in a mirror. With continued training sessions, the brain becomes more resilient and flexible. Similar to working out the body, the brain can also become stronger and more efficient!

Neurofeeedback is 100% safe, non-medical, and non-invasive.

Why Neurofeedback?

What to Expect:

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