New Booking Platform: Helmbot - Bay Area Brain Spa

New Booking Platform: Helmbot

Dearest Clients,

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our new booking platform we will be on starting August 2021: Helmbot.

We love how easy Acuity is for booking and will miss that for sure, but Helm is going to add so much value to your and our experience.  We tested SO MANY platforms (seriously, so many) and kept coming back to Helm because it was made for a business model much like ours.  Helm was designed and developed to run Float centers, where like at the Brain Spa, you are booking space with the technology more than with a person.

See the new Bay Area Brain Spa booking and store here:

Existing clients! You already have been added to our Helmbot shop and you can simply set a password here:

Once you login to your account you will see a link “Refer Freinds at a Discount” where you can enroll in the referral program to earn service credits for each friend who uses your code.

Here are some new things to be aware of:


Account Creation: You will have to create an account to book.  We know this isn’t convenient for everyone, but once you have an account it makes the rest of the cool features possible.

Waivers! You only have to do them once on Helm!  You will be asked to agree to waivers only the first time you book that appointment type.  Since you have an account, the waivers are tied to you (on Acuity they were tied to your appointment which is why you had to do them each time…) 

Referral program! You can earn a $10 service credit for each person who uses your unique code to book their first appointment with us and they receive a 20% discount on their first appointment.

Enhanced Memberships!  Now your member discount applies automatically to any services you purchase.  Members also can book 30 days in advance and also will have access to appointment types not listed for general booking. We’ve added memberships that include lymphatic massage and family sharing.  You also have a 10 day grace period on your monthly credits to accommodate missed weeks.

Community Neurofeedback Appointments:  Big Change Alert! The $50 appointments are only available to those who buy a package or have a membership.  We are dedicated to offering neurofeedback at a low cost to our clients. Our brain spa membership and neurofeedback packages enable clients to access our low-cost community neurofeedback appointments. While one-off sessions can help you feel relaxed, we see the most profound results when people train consistently, 1-2 times per week. We encourage you to commit to a minimum of 10 neurofeedback sessions with a package or a few months of brain spa membership for the best results.

Please reach out with any questions! or text 510-338-4645

Thank you for your continued support during this first year as we’ve learned, grown, and pivoted along during all the twists and turns.

Carleigh and Angela

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